Daruvar is famous for its health tourism thanks to the presence of geothermal water springs, known for its healing properties. This spa town is specialised in the treatment of rheumatic diseases, medical rehabilitation and sports recreation. Thermal water and mineral mud are the central products that are used to treat various ailments and physical complaints.

Nowadays, Daruvar Spa is a modern health centre in a renovated building framed by the most beautiful and splendid nature that invites its visitors to take walks and admire the parks, ponds and lakes that surround this spa. The health centre constantly invests in new technologies and is always working hard on improving its services further, such as knowledge of staff, accommodation facilities and sports and recreation facilities. Daruvar Spa is also part of the Association of Historic European Thermal cities, which was established in 2009 as a network of European towns that exceptionally valuable in terms of historical resources and thermal healing water. The spa offers a panoply of different services – such as massage, treatments based on mineral mud marine elements that aid body detoxification and provide a sensation of relaxation at the same time. There are sports facilities and recreational facilities, with services such as assistance in the training of athletes as well as “health packages” that will be tailored towards one’s individual situation. Last but not least, the spa and health centre also offers a gastronomic experience, with traditional Czech cuisine and authentic specialties. More information on the thermal springs and the offers from Daruvar Spa can be found here: https://www.daruvarske-toplice.hr/english/

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