The Benedictine Abbey that is based in Krakow’s suburb of Tyniec is the oldest monastery in Poland and has a history of almost a thousand years. The Benedictine monks of Tyniec Abbey are known for being easy-going and social and will gladly talk to visitors about their lives and habits if they bother to ask. They also organize seminars, retreats and meditations. Today, the abbey also offers educational tours where visitors can learn about the history of the monastery through interesting museum exhibitions. Workshops are also organized for groups in various languages: participants can learn about the techniques of a medieval scribe, the different types of medieval scripture or Gregorian chant. Besides the educational and spiritual possibilities, this place offers a unique landscape and architecture reminiscent of the successive artistic changes of the eras. The monastery that is perched on a cliffside, resembles more a medieval fortress than a place for prayer and reflection. Pilgrims and tourists are invited to bask in the tranquillity and charm of the place. There is a restaurant, where you can enjoy a traditional meal, as well as a coffee house that gives you a breath-taking view over the Vistula River. More information about the Tyniec Abbey can be found here.

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