Explore Greece

Thousands of olive trees coat the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra to the Greeks), a highlight on the Routes of the Olive Tree that has been beloved for its beauty since the 8th century BC. While the rest of the country underwent an Ottoman or Turkish period, Corfu was ruled by the Venetians, French and British—influences that can be seen everywhere from the architecture to the philharmonic orchestra, the first in Greece. The charming Old Town is a melting pot of Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles of architecture (courtesy of the Venetians), dotted with fortresses, palaces and narrow, cobbled streets with vaulted passageways. While strolling through the city centre, pass through Spianada, the largest square in the Balkans, flanked by 19th-century French architecture. Other landmarks worth visiting in Corfu Town include the 15th-century Venetian Old Fortress and the Palace of St Michael and St George, built during the British occupation.

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