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Over 200 years ago, Napoleon split the town of Laufenburg in two. Today, the Rhine divides the city in half. From the castle ruins, you’ll have some of the best views over the river and the German sister city of Laufenburg. Another great way to take in both cities is on the water itself, exploring the Rhine on a river cruise. Cross-border festivals like the Old Town Christmas market and “Fluid Borders” cultural days are popular ways to celebrate the joint culture, which is also highlighted on walking tours over the bridge from one country to the other. Laufenburg is considered the gateway to the Aargau Jura Park and a stop on the Aargau/Upper Rhine portion of the Via Habsburg, since it was founded by Count Rudolf II of Habsburg in 1207. A few of the highlights include Old City fortifications like the Wasen Tower and Schwertlisturm, as well as parts of the wall.

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