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The capital of Bavaria, Munich—Germany’s third-largest city—is nicknamed “Millionendorf,” since it’s a “village of a million” but still maintains that small town feel. The city is known for two major contributions, beer and art, and is home to over a hundred beer gardens, as well as the annual Oktoberfest. You’ll also find a number of world-class museums sitting within the Kunstareal, a quarter consisting of 18 museums (including the Impressionist Neue Pinakothek) and more than 40 galleries that place nearly 5,000 years of art history on display. King Ludwig I of Bavaria transformed the medieval town along the Isar River into one of Europe’s most magnificent art metropolises thanks to his concept of art politics, in addition to curating art from ancient Greece, Rome and Florence that could rival any serious European collection. Part of the Impressionnisms Routes and European Mozart Ways, Munich’s vibrant arts scene was what captivated composers like Mozart, who premiered one of his most famous pieces, “Idomeneo,” at the Cuvilliés Theatre while living in the city.

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