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An International Centre for Art Nouveau

Oradea positively drips with Art Nouveau style. It has all the prerequisites of a place that would. The city of around 200,000 people sits just 13 kilometres from the Hungarian border. That position made it a critical trading point between the burgeoning region connecting Western, Eastern, and Central Europe. It also made it rich and attracted a diverse population, diverse religions, and a healthy mixture of creative spirit. The result, at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, was an explosion of magnificent palaces, churches, hotels, and state buildings. Secessionist, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco fans will fall in love with Oradea.

It comes as no surprise that this city, which is bisected by the Crisul Repede River and lined with parks, is a main attraction along the Cultural Route dedicated to Art Nouveau. Dozens of notable buildings from the late 19th century until the Second World War are scattered across the beautiful town. According to the Réseau Art Nouveau Network website: “In the 1900s architecture of Oradea, one finds many original stylistic accents which are attached to heterogeneous stylistic directions. It is precisely this diversity that gives the architectural site of Oradea a special touch which makes it unique among other cities bearing the mark of the Art Nouveau spirit.”

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