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Sand, Spas and Green Spaces

A major destination for tourists from Estonia and beyond, Pärnu is best known for its sandy beach and relatively generous share of sunshine. It’s a leafy city place with a picturesque promenade, many beautiful 19th-century houses made from colourful wood, and a long spa tradition. But this is no insular resort town; in fact, it’s the biggest city in Estonia, with a thriving population of year-round residents in addition to the regular influxes of visitors. Many of the major draws here are outdoor ones – from beautiful Pärnu Beach Park to the many sports and activities available on the water in Pärnu Bay – but there are also cultural attractions very much worth visiting, such as The Pärnu Museum.

Its coastal location made Pärnu an important player in the Hanseatic League, and this heritage is recognised today by the city’s appearance on The Hansa cultural route.

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