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While following the European Route of Historic Thermal Towns in Pozar Springs, pause at the monumental palace of Pella, which sits on the northernmost hill of the city and is home to the largest agora, or commercial and manufacturing centre, of the ancient world. Ruins of the city’s port, which connect to the main avenue of the agora, are still visible today. Wander through the ancient site that dates back to the Hellenistic years and admire the Doric and Ionic-style private houses (some of the old city’s grand mansions), lined with mosaic floors deemed some of the most spectacular in Macedonia that show off scenes like the rapture, battle of Amazons and the deer hunt—visible at Pella’s archaeological museum.

Palace of Pella
Thessaloniki-Edessa national highway
GR – 580 05 PellaMacedonia, Greece
+30 23820 32963

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