Alba Iulia

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Holiday Delights: Architecture, History, and Wine

The cities of Alba Iulia and Sibiu may be small on a global scale, but they are both giants in the realms of history and style. In Romania’s Transylvania Region, they are about 300 kilometres northwest of Bucharest. The Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route and TRANSROMANICA both pass through the pristine communities.

One of the country’s most ancient cities, Alba Iulia, where travellers will find the largest citadel in Romania, is filled with history around every corner. It has also been a centre for wine production for more than 2,000 years; it was called Apulum during the Roman Empire, where it served as an administrative centre. After visiting the Alba Carolina Citadel, walk three minutes to the south to see the ruins of the Roman Castrum, or fort. The city remained an important hub during the Byzantine, Ottoman, and Hapsburg periods.

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