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Antiquity Buzzes with Modernity

Sofia is one of the oldest capitals in Europe—with evidence showing origins dating back some 9,000 years. During Roman times, it was called Serdica and was the seat of the Thrace province. This may seem like ancient history—and it is—but it is fundamental to understanding the modern city.

Standing in the centre of Sofia, near the Palace of Justice, provides a day of activity—travelling through many centuries—just by turning in a circle. To one side is the Saint Aleksandar Nevski Cathedral. On another side, the National Archaeological Museum. Beyond that, the National Art Gallery, Natural History Museum, the remains of the ancient city of Serdica, and the National Opera and Ballet. In front of you sits the Sofia Synagogue. Behind you, the Puppet Museum stands in the foreground with the Russian Monument Square in the distance.

Throughout the mix is a buzzing supply of cafes, bistros, and bars. These are intermingled with buildings possessing an assortment of architectural styles: from modern glass to neo-Renaissance, Secessionist, Stalinist, and Soviet Modernist. Visitors will never grow tired of Sofia because with each turn, there’s a new era to discover.

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