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A Coastal Town with a Long History

Straddling the scenic River Gauja, leafy Valmiera has plenty of natural draws for tourists as well as man-made ones. This is the city at the heart of the Vidzeme region, and it offers access to festivals and cultural events that reveal the Vidzeme culture, as well as serving as a portal  to gorgeous Gauja National Park. Hiking, cycling and boating are all popular activities for tourists here. The city’s roots go back thousands of years, but it was in the 14th century that its fortunes really began to improve after membership of the Hanseatic League brought increased trade. Unfortunately, the city has suffered great damage in several wars over the years, with World War II being the most recent. However, many buildings of great historic value have survived, including the beautiful Saint Simon Church, which is many centuries old.

Valmeira is one of the cities on The Hansa cultural route.

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