Explore Croatia
Centre of Heritage and Tradition

Zagreb, the capital of Croatia—with nearly 1,000 years of history—is a perfect place to start an adventure through the country’s Cultural Routes. A hub for international travel, the county’s only real metropolis has the offerings of big city with the heart of small town. Its highlights include Upper Town, or Gornji Grad, with medieval, cobblestone streets and the Croatian parliament sharing a square with St. Mark’s church and its multi-coloured tile roof. Just a 10-minute walk away, its main attraction is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with its twin 108-metre bell towers. The Lower Town, or Donji Grad, largely built in the 19th century, is a collection of parks surrounded by Secessionist and neo-Baroque buildings and scattered with cafes, shops, wine bars, and restaurants.

From Zagreb, travelers can easily access the European Cemeteries Route, the European Route of Historical Thermal Towns, the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route and Iter Vitis Route.

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