The Historical House of Prayer from Rząśnik

Routes of Reformation

The history of Reformation in Poland shaped new denominations, embracive of the Lutheran church, the Calvin church and the development of culture and art under the influence of many Polish evangelists and religious emigrants from Western Europe. Lower Silesia in particular, situated on the Routes of Reformation of the Council of Europe, is a region rich in multicultural history. One example of this multiculturalism is the so-called Prayer House built by Evangelical believers in Rząśnik in the Świerzawa district in 1748, after having received permission to build their own churches. It was rebuilt again after a fire in 1923, but fell into ruin when the Polish Catholics  who arrived in Silesia after WWII abandoned it. Due to the fact that it was destined for demolition, it was dismantled in 2008 and reconstructed in 2018 in Łomnica. It is considered a symbol of Silesian Tolerance, thanks to which Christian denominations in Silesia gained equal rights.

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