Via Bradanica hiking path from Ordona to Matera

Via Francigena

The Via Bradanica hiking path from Ordona to Matera is a stunningly beautiful, easy and relaxing hike within the Via Francigena Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, the historic route from northern Europe leading to the Eternal City and its southern extension towards the Holy Land. It takes you from Ordona to Matera in 10 stages, walking through ancient cities, olive groves, picturesque Apulian villages, almond trees and wild native plants. Here hikers can enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the hospitable local inhabitants, tasty cuisine cooked from healthy local ingredients, amazing views of deep ravines, old town centers which look like stone mazes, atmospheric churches and traditional shops. The Via Bradanica is an itinerary which connects you with nature, people and the most essential life pleasures. When you arrive at your destination, sit in the shade of Matera’s Cathedral to contemplate your journey and your life.

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