Monastery of Rüeggisberg

Cluniac Sites in Europe

The Monastery of Rüeggisberg, situated on the Cluniac Sites in Europe Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, was founded in the 11th century by Lütold von Rümligen and donated to the Cluny Abbey, thus making it the first Cluniac house in the German-speaking world. Over the next one hundred years, an imposing Romanesque basilica with several additional structures was constructed from the first simple cells. Thanks to the extraordinary amount of property owned by the order, it gained a significant reputation all over the country.  The monastery church was forced to close its doors in 1484 following the Reformation, and finally, a village fire in Rüeggisberg completely devastated the once splendid edifice. As an important archaeological site today, it attracts both pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela as well as hikers. The ascent, the splendid view and the mystical atmosphere turn a visit to Rüeggisberg into an unforgettable experience. A rich program of cultural events brings life back to this awesome medieval monument throughout the year.

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