Wine region: Vidin Area

Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route

As you travel along the Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route of Europe, visit the Vidin wine region on the Danube River Plains. When it comes to nature, history, traditions, food and wine making, this part of the Northwest region of Bulgaria might well be the most authentic and preserved region in Bulgaria, a true pleasure for the knowledgeable traveler. Here in Vidin, seven winemakers lovingly continue the area’s long winemaking tradition, which started with the opening of the first wine school in 1887. Vidin’s excellent microclimate (hot summers with extensive sunny days) and specific soil (red, sandy limestone), create perfect conditions for high quality wines, characterised by their harmonious combination of the aromas, sugars and acids.

Traveler’s Tip

The best way to feel the spirit of Vidin is to walk through the Danube park to the medieval fortress Baba Vida. Today a museum and tourist attraction, the fortress takes its visitors on an exciting journey through the area’s rich history, from the Middle Ages to the Ottoman reign.

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