Maritime Museum of Montenegro

European Route of Industrial Heritage

The Maritime Museum of Montenegro is in Kotor, a spectacular and UNESCO-listed walled town, on the European Route of Industrial Heritage of the Council of Europe. Sea trade flourished in the port of Kotor for many centuries and many of the town’s citizens made their living from the sea. Three hundred ships worked from its port in the 18th century, although the introduction of steamships in the late 19th century brought a decline in Kotor’s trade. The Maritime Museum of Montenegro was built in the 1880s and was opened to the public in 1900. In 1938 it moved to the early 18th century Baroque palace where it remains. Displays include a collection of uniforms of the admirals of the fraternity, a copy of the earliest document relating to shipping at Kotor which dates from 1171, a range of bronze panels depicting the most significant events in the history of Kotor, substantial collections of ship models and historic photographs, a section on maritime education and a section devoted to the merchant navy of former Yugoslavia, which had a significant presence in Kotor.

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