Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Sea Region

The  EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) unites eight EU Member States around the Baltic Sea, representing 80 million inhabitants or nearly 16% of the EU population

  • 8   EU   Member   States:   Estonia,   Denmark,   Finland, Germany (Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,  Schleswig-Holstein),  Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden.

The  Strategy  welcomes  cooperation  with  non-EU  countries  from  the  region,  namely  Belarus,  Iceland,  Norway  and  Russia  in  actions  and  projects of common interest.

Countries in the Baltic Sea region are front runners in Europe for innovation and competitiveness, and are benchmarks in Europe for many aspects of socio-economic development. The Strategy is built around three objectives: Save the Sea, Connect the Region and Increase Prosperity.

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